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  • Ricardo Reyes


Awarded Top Room at AXPONA by Robert Youman of Positive Feedback:

"Ricardo Reyes of Musical Artisans in Skokie Illinois is a man with excellent taste. This includes the audiophile lines that he supports to the music that he plays to the clothes on his back to the very shoes on his feet (my wife was swooning over his cool black Ecco's). I attended a Musical Artisians open house years ago and I was amazed by the room designs and aesthetics. It was a combination of great engineering and magnificent art and architectural design. I'm confident that his customers see the very same thing in his audio system designs and execution.

Nagra. Kharma. Argento. These three companies are some of the finest high end brands in the audiophile marketplace. The look and feel of these components are without peer for those with the most discerning standards, but it is the sound that will have you sell off the Porche and reinvest in audio.

The scale and rhythmic drive of this system was astonishing. Recardo played the first track from the Avishai Cohen's Flood release entitled "First Drop". Though this was an all digital system, there was an organic sense of calm and purity like the very best analog. Bass was ultra tight with plenty of bottom end grunt and wallop. It seems to me that the unsung hero in this combination is the Argento cable. Every system that I have experienced with Argento throughout has raised the bar significantly."


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