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De Baer

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, De Baer turntables and tonearms are the epitome of precision and elegance.  The finest materials like polished granite, CNC machined aircraft aluminum, and carbon fiber combined with DeBaer's unique decoupling technology, fine tuned over two decades create a luxury audio product like no other.  
Manufactured and hand assembled entirely in-house,...
Crafted in small numbers with the precision of a fine timepiece, De Baer products are built to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. 
DeBaer Models


The Saphir turntable is the result of over two decades of research, testing, and critical listening by designer Kurt Baer.  Its understated elegance belies the sophistication of its design: over 160 custom designed parts, precision machined in Switzerland by De Baer co-founder Dieter Albisser in his Jetmax manufacturing facility, are required to produce a single Saphir turntable.  A true reference product in every sense, and on 

Ultra rigid plinth contructed of polished granite bonded to aircraft aluminum alloy.

5 stages of decoupling utilizing hardened steel bearings for precise alignment and minimal surface contact area.

Magnetic platter bearing isolates the platter and eliminates thrust bearing noise.

Two piece platter is decoupled with steel bearing assembly and isolates record from spindle.

Outboard reference power supply designed by Soulution in matching granite/aluminum enclosure.




The Topas incorporates all of the unique technologies found in the Saphir, in a larger chassis which supports two tonearms.  The adjustable armboard mounting blocks allow the use of tonearms between 9" and 12" in length. 

Internal Reference Power Supply by Soulution.

Accommodates two tonearms.

Compatible with any arm between 9 and 12 inches long. 

5 stages of decoupling like Saphir 



The Onyx tonearm is a masterpiece of form and function.  Triple pre-tensioned carbon fiber tubes reduce resonance while increasing rigidity with minimal mass.  This also provides separate shielded paths for left and right channel tonearm wires. Precision Swiss bearings are magnetically loaded to eliminate any chatter or noise.  The Onyx is available in both 9" and 12" long models.

Triple carbon fiber tubes reduce resonance and increase rigidity.

Magnetically loaded bearings for zero chatter

Magnetic anti-skating adjustment

Optional arm base provides calibrated VTA adjustment on the fly.

Choice of DIN or RCA terminals

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