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Hand made in Denmark since 1991, Argento Audio produces the world's finest cables and accessories.  Their uncompromising approach is unique in the industry: every single element is custom designed and made to Argento's specification.   
For the highest level of fidelity, Argento cables provide pure silver signal transmission with no intermediate metals or alloys.  Each connector is precision machined from the same ultra high purity silver as the conductors, and terminated by compression to assure silver to silver contact without the use of solder.

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Since 2003, the Serenity line of cables have established Argento Audio's for uncompromising technical quality and unmatched sonics.

Now in its third generation, Serenity Signature is Argento's entry level offering, its performance clearly surpasses virtually all competing cables regardless of price.  


Conductors are high purity silver ribbons with an elliptical profile eliminating any edges.


All electical contacts are machined from the same high purity silver as the conductors.

Proprietary Argento Audio VDM (Vibration Damping Material) drastically removing any usual dielectric ill effects, along with an optimized vibration control.

All conductive parts are cryogenically treated with liquid nitrogen.


Flow was developed by reevaluating and optimizing every aspect of Serenity.  Instead of a single eliptical conductor, Flow uses a large number or extremely fine conductors of high purity annealed silver.  The unique geometry assures each individual conductor is exactly the same length, unlike typical stranded conductors.  Argento's proprietary VDM dialectric maintains precise alignment of the conductors while providing mechanical damping for reduced microphonics.

Multiple fine gauge pure annealed silver conductors.

Conductors are cryogenically treated and polished twice for optimal surface quality.

Connector insulation machined from fiber reinforced dialectric instead of less costly Teflon.

Connectors are attached to the conductors by compression to provide a silver-to-silver interface without any intermediate metals like solder


Featuring all the breakthroughs of Flow and taking them another step further: Flow Master Reference is the Argento Audio masterpiece.

To improve the performance of Flow, the number of individual conductors is dramatically increased, addtional stages of conductor treatments are applied, and in the case of FMR interconnects, each polarity is now separated in its own cable.

All of the fundamental elements of Flow are present in FMR, as is the sonic character, but with an across the board improvement in every way.      

Three times the conductor cross section compared to Flow.

Crygenic treatment and polishing of conductors three times

Connector terminals annealed for reduced contact resistance


About Argento Connectors

Even in today's high end market it is very rare that a cable manufacturer makes their own connectors.  Instead, they use an standard component connector made by a third party.  Often it is simply an 'off the shelf' part with layers of heat shrink to compensate for poor strain relief or a mismatc between cable and connector.  This leads to finish quality far from what would be considered 'high end'. 

There is an intense focus on the purity of metal used in the conductors of audio cables with some manufacturers making such bold claims as 99.99999% pure.  Surprisingly though, the connectors mounted to these high purity conductors are made of a copper alloy such brass, bronze, and in the best cases Tellurium copper.  Suddenly purity does not seem so important anymore.  At best, brass is comprised of only 70% copper with only 1/4 the conductivity of pure copper.  The number of 'nines' in the conductor is less impressive when at its end the metal contains over 30% impurities.

Argento is unique in the industry in that every part of the connector is made from the same high purity metal as the conductors.  Each RCA connector begins as a 14mm rod of pure silver which is precisely machined to its final shape.  Each XLR terminal and spade connectorlikewise begin as high purity silver stock before turned drilled and milled into shape.  

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