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Organic Audio

Organic Audio was founded in 2009 by the owner of the world renowned cable manufacturer Argento Audio from Denmark.

The purpose of creating this offspring was to develop a high-performance line of cables utilizing high purity copper as conductive element instead of far more costly silver.  Drawing on the knowledge and experience accumulated over decades by Argento Audio, Organic Audio cables offer unparalleled price/performance ratio. 

Like Argento, every part is custom made by Organic for its specific function, and is hand assembled in the Argento factory.  There is no reliance on third party vendors so nothing is left to chance.  Connectors, like Argento, are precision machined from the same ultra high purity metal as the conductors, something found in no other cable.


The sound is extraordinay:  balanced, coherent and resolving.   



Organic MK II

Organic MK. II succeeds the original Organic cable launched in 2010 That redefined the price/performance ration for affordable high end  audio cables.  This second generation products features cryogenic treatment to the connectors, and and refinements to the air/fiber dialectric.  Most importantly, the manufacturing process has been streamlined which allows the new MK. II to sell for the same price as the original Organic when introduced over a decade ago.  

​99.999% pure OFC annealed copper ribbons for conductors.

DAD “Damped Air Dielectric” consisting of low mass fibers that have limited contact with the conductors – leading to a very low dielectric constant while still providing good damping of vibrations.

Custom made XLR, RCA and Spade connectors with contacts made of the same type of copper as the conductors with Teflon dielectric.

All connectors are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen.


Organic Reference

Incorporating technologies and materials from Argento Audio Flow cables,  Organic Reference is the ultimate expression of the Organic audio approach.   Second only to Argento Audio cables in absolute fidelity, Organic Reference is the most natural and realistic sounding copper cable available at any price.

Organic Reference uses twice the number of ultra pure copper ribbon conductors as Organic MK. II in the RCA and XLR interconnects.

Dielectric components in the connectors are upgraded from Teflon the fiber/resin material from Argento Flow and Flow Master Reference cables.

Speaker cables have twice the cross section of conductors as Organic MK. II, and have been separated into two separate cables per channel to minimize the interaction between the plus and the minus conductors.

The spade connector is identical to that used on Argento Flow, though machined from pure copper instead of silver.  High pressure is used for a pure copper to copper connection without introducing the impurities and low conductivity of solder.  

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