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In 2008 musician and mechanical engineer Pawel Skulimowski developed a unique method of combining ultra hard ceramics, lightweight CNC machined aluminum, and high-loss elastic polymers to eliminate vibrations from music playback.
Eschewing brute force attempts to control resonance with massive structures and multilayered laminates, Franc audio utilizes thier Ceramic Disc technology to achieve audibly superior results while maintaining a room friendly appearance.  
Chosen by the industry's premier vendors when they need their products to look and sound their best at the largest international shows, Franc Audio products are now available in North America.
Compact & Modular
Striking & Straight
Timeless & Elegant
Slim & Aesthetic
DeBaer Models
Wood Block

Wood Block Rack

The original Franc Audio rack.  Each shelf is supported by award winning Franc Audio Ceramic Disc isolators which not only isolate the shelf from vibration but eliminate vibrations with the shelf.  Available in over 100 wood veneer finishes or any of the 1625 RAL colors, there is a Wood Block rack available to match any room or any decor.  Single, double, and triple wide racks with a choice of two shelf sizes as well as amp stands can accommodate 1 to 8 components.  

10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary Special Edition

Franc Audio has again raised the bar both sonically and aesthetically.  The frame is constructed of CNC machined aluminum alloy bars with carbon fiber inserts, providing an extremely rigid structure with a more slender and elegant appearance.  Shelves are now available in Panzerholz, a densified, resin-impregnated wood composite material made in Germany. sometimes referred to as tank-wood or [incorrectly] bullet-wood,  which is noted for its unique combination incredible strength,  high acoustic damping, and non-resonant characteristics, it is a nearly perfect material for audio applications.  With the near limitless choice of wood veneers and finishes, the 10th Anniversary is a beautiful example of contemporary fine furniture suitable for near any living space, while providing unequaled audio fidelity. 


Ceramic Disc Isolators

The 10th Anniversary Special Edition Rack builds upon the stren

The conductors are made of the purest silver featuring a quasi ribbon geometry, but have no edges resulting in a close to hyper-elliptic shape.

The dielectric/vibration damper is the proprietary Argento Audio VDMTM (Vibration Damping Material), drastically removing any usual dielectric ill effects, along with an optimized vibration control.

One of these conductors is used for each polarity in the interconnector and several for each polarity in the speaker cables.

All conductive parts are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen.

All connectors are similar to the Flow connectors with the exception of the dielectric material.

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