C1 Digital to Analog Controller

The C1 Digital to Analog Controller utilizes the synchronous CH-HiD processing engine that feeds two monaural D/A conversion circuits. The conversion is achieved by a linear R2R topology followed by a discrete output stage. This method allows not only for the preservation of dynamic range but precise timing. Unlike other topologies that utilize asynchronous sample rate conversion, CH-HiD synchronous up sampling does not produce the harshness found in other designs. High speed floating point processors are utilized for all arithmetic operations. In order to maintain precise timing, data must be fed into the converters synchronously by a jitter free clock. Two precision oscillators (one for 44.1k multiples and one for 48k multiples) are placed very close to the D/A circuit and utilize their very own fully isolated power supply. The highly precise master clock signal is transmitted to the D/A circuit by way of low voltage differential switching (LVDS) to ensure noise free transmission. This method is utilized by computers to transmit their data at extremely high frequencies where any data loss would prevent the system from operating. This level of precision has never been achieved in any digital audio product to date. In order to achieve perfect synchronous operation, the clock signal is fine-tuned by a voltage controlled feedback oscillator, controlled by a proprietary CH Precision algorithm. Performance of this system is unparalleled. Center frequency deviation is below 1Hz and frequency tracking of this digital PLL is done in sub 0.1 PPM steps. Phase alignment will never deviate more than +/ – 2.5us (microseconds). When using the C1 with the matching CH Precision D1 transport, or a computer source with the C1 as clock master, jitter is completely removed from the system. The result is the most natural transparent reproduction possible. Through extensive research and innovation, CH Precision has achieved the previously thought impossible task of completely eliminating jitter and its negative sonic effects. For the first time, each digital sample input is precisely converted and output as an analog signal with no loss whatsoever. When connected to the D1 transport via CH-Link, the C1 is capable of decoding the DSD stream found on SACD’s. The DSD signal is not downconverted to PCM. It travels through the cyphered CH-Link interface directly to the C1. CH-Link provides a high bandwidth interconnection between the D1 and C1 allowing for incredible resolutions up to 705.6/768k.

CH Precision C1 is recipient of the 2011 StereoSound Grand Prix Award. The CH Precision D1 received this prestigious award in 2010.

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